Kate Upton, Playboy Centerfold?! Never Say Never, Model Says!

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How does one top LeBron James coming home to Cleveland for news on a Friday in July? With this: KATE UPTON MAY POSE NAKED IN PLAYBOY.

Emphasis on may. Still. You're saying there's a chance!

Kate Upton Instagram Hotness

The hottest supermodel on the planet says in a new interview that she's not doing Playboy anytime soon, but she left leave the door open a crack.


Speaking with British GQ, she was asked if she'd do it.

"I never like to say never because there are circumstances that I could do pretty much anything if it inspires me and if I think that it's cool at the time," Kate said.

"But at this point in my career, I'm not doing Playboy."

A glimmer of hope for the future if nothing else, fellas.

The 22-year-old model also shared her thoughts on what makes a man. Hint: Believe in yourself. To her, "I think, really, it's all about confidence."

"However a guy feels the most confident. Anytime someone walks into a room who is just exuding confidence, I think whatever they're doing is amazing."

And if you have to make her dinner, here's your guide:

"I always feel great after green juices and I always have eggs in the morning," the beauty dishes. "I think a little bit of everything is good in moderation."

But the woman behind so many stunning Kate Upton photos notes, "if a guy was going to cook for me I would eat whatever he put in front of me!"

You heard the woman.

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