Brandon Jenner: Yeah I Kissed Kim Kardashian, But …

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Brandon Jenner and Kim Kardashian did kiss back in the day, but sources say it's not as spicy as Keeping Up With the Kardashians wants to imply.

This all started after Brody Jenner saw Kim nude and awkwardly got hard (or half-hard), to the amusement of his family, including stepmom Kris Jenner.

(SIDE NOTE: If Kris Jenner talking about Brody's "boner" isn't enough to make you sick, you must have a stomach and intestinal tract of steel.)

Goaded about this during the family's trip to Thailand, Brody turned it around on his older brother, pointing out that Brandon Jenner kissed Kim once.

Like Brody, Brandon squirmed a bit at the mention of kissing his step-sister (Kim is Kris' daughter and they're Bruce's sons, so they're not technically related).

It's a terrific story, but there's less to this than they're suggesting.

According to family insiders, the kiss went down when Kim was 11, Brandon was 12 and Kris Jenner had not even married Bruce Jenner yet. 

They were dating (hence the kids became acquainted), but still.

The Kim kiss was part of a Truth or Dare game, and it was more peck on the lips than full-on smooch. Unlike Brody, there likely wasn't even a bone involved.

Whether Brandon was actually crushing on his would-be step-sib, we can't say ... but we can watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online, and we will.

This season keeps getting more awkward by the moment.

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