Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: The Vacation From Hell

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 15, Kim and Khloe bickered, Bruce and Kiss argued, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner went missing.

Sort of. Also, Brody sought revenge for seeing Kim nude last week, while someone surprising revealed that they have kissed Kim in the past. But who?!

Before we get to that, Leah Jenner, Brandon's lovely wife, invites Kris to join her for a late night dip in the ocean, which makes Kris feel a bit better.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are still upset with her, and she's feeling the emotional effects. The next morning, the youngsters are still missing from the table.

Hmm. Unable to locate them, Kris feels Bruce is blaming her for everything, and decides that the family go out in two groups to search for the girls.

Somehow, we're getting the impression that this is a tad scripted. Call us crazy here.

Not that we're shocked. We watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online weekly.

Still, is there a snowball's chance in Thailand that they were actually missing in any real else? Brody's not buying it, and neither are we frankly.

The family gets a "lead" on the young ladies when a local taxi stand informs them that Kylie and Kendall Jenner were spotted catching a cab into town.

Then Khloe gets a text from her sisters, posing on the beach. Khloe and Kim head towards them. Bruce and Kris stay behind to bicker in the van some more.

After Kendall and Kylie keep texting pictures of themselves to their older sister, Kim and Khloe Kardashian finally track them down in a massage parlor.

Further comment rendered unnecessary at this time.

Kendall and Kylie explain that they just needed some time away from their mom, which we can certainly understand, given who their mom actually is.

Ditching out did not go over well, though, as you might expect. Almost as well as Brody's crush on Kim, which Leah begins ragging on him about.

While Brody saw Kim nude and got half-erect as a result last week, fans and family alike learn that Brandon Jenner and Kim kissed back in the day!

To that end, Kim catches Brandon pointing at her while laughing at Brody, so she decides to invite Brody to join her for a picture. He gets shy and bails.

Later, Brody has a plan to get revenge on Kim, posing naked so she'll walk in on him. It's pretty classic, and a shocked Kim takes a pic for blackmail.

Kris Jenner makes a nice toast and says that no matter what they all goes through, they always love each other. But they are going through A LOT.

Brandon asks Khloe Kardashian how Rob is doing, and she says she is bummed he's not there, but he is constantly depressed and never leaves home.

Kim thinks Khloe is trying to take responsibility for Rob's issues, while Khloe feels Kim is being narrow-minded and selfish. Then the claws come out.

Khloe wants to leave because she's not feeling it, and Kim asks Khloe why she would bother coming all the way out there only to go back so soon.

"Why don't you go take some more selfies," Khloe responds.

Khloe reveals to Kylie later that she almost punched Kim.

Unable to control herself, Kris breaks into tears when rehashing the incident with Khloe. This vacation is turning out to be anything but relaxing.

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