Barack Obama Offered Pot in Denver, Passes on The Dutchie

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Barack Obama has had a trying week.

On Monday, an NYC newspaper referred to the President as an N-word in a freaking headline! Tuesday, Joan Rivers called Obama gay in one of her strangest tirades to date.

A bizarre couple of days like that would make anyone want to kick back and forget their problems for a while, but apparently No Drama Obama doesn't turn to the ganja when it's time to relax:

That's Barry in Denver where (of course) a stoned supporter shouts, "Want a hit?" presumably while offering the most powerful man in the western world some primo kush. ("Hey, man, it's legal.")

Not surprisingly, Obama politely declines the offer, laughs off the Chong-like fan, and keeps moving.

Obama has stated that he used to get high in his youth, but gave it up as he felt it was interfering with his ambitions.

It's to be expected that the Pres would be offered a toke while visiting the newly-minted US weed capital of Denver, but we shouldn't be surprised that he turned it down.

Not only is he the sitting President of the United States, but any real stoner would know you should never reach over the sneeze guard at Chipotle. That's just a party foul, bro. 


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