Adrienne Bailon: Rob Kardashian Stalked Me! I Had to Make Up a Fake Boyfriend!

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Adrienne Bailon slammed Rob Kardashian in a recent interview, and you know his whole family was offended because Kim even went so far as to display an emotion.

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Kim went off on her ex-friend Adrienne on Twitter, pointing out the hypocrisy of Bailon claiming the Kardashians ruined her career in an interview that would never have taken place were it not for her association with the Kardashians.

Well, if they think this behavior is new, then Kim and kompany haven't been paying very close attention. Adrienne has been ripping on Rob in public for some time now.

In fact, with the amount of trash she talks, we can't believe Bailon just got her Rob tattoo removed a few weeks ago:

"People would think that since I was cheated on, I would be like, 'He cheated on me!' but honestly, I was embarrassed," said Bailon last summer on her talk show The Real (which is apparently a thing).

Adrienne then joked that Rob called her constantly to try and get her back, prompting her to write him an e-mail from a made-up new boyfriend:

"It was not written by my boyfriend. It was written by me and my girls sitting on the sofa one night. We thought the only way to make this guy stop calling me is if he thinks I have someone new."

If you're wondering why Bailon is forever bashing a man she dated for two years, ask yourself why you're reading an article about her right now. 

Bailon has made news twice in the past month, both times as a direct result of her relationship with Rob. Gotta stick with what works!

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