True Blood: The Musical Might Be Coming to Broadway!

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If you're already wondering how you'll get your sexy vampire fix after True Blood's final season comes to a close this summer, worry not: Sookie Stackhouse and company may be Broadway-bound.

True Blood Season 7 Photograph

True Blood creator Alan Ball is reportedly working with HBO and composer Nathan Barr to produce a musical version of the beloved HBO series.

Of course, in order to really stay true to the spirit of Bon Temps, the show would have to be a strictly 18-and-older affair.

"This was something that I pitched to Alan Ball and HBO," said Barr at a recent season seven premiere party. "I think we're really trying to return to the roots of the show."

In other words, don't expect all of your favorite vamps, werewolves, and telepathic fairies to appear on stage, as the musical will focus mainly on the beginning stages of Sookie's story.

Still, it's exciting news for diehard True Blood fans...or just folks who want to see naked people on stage, but can't bring themselves to go to a strip club.

No word on whether any of the series' cast members will make the transition to Broadway, but at least one star seems to be interested:

Stephen Moyer performed with Carrie Underwood in NBC's The Sound of Music and says he helped Barr prepare sample musical numbers to present to HBO.

If you can't wait for the musical version, watch True Blood online at TV Fanatic.

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