R. Kelly Mocks His Own Transgender Child: Don't Call Her My Son!

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R. Kelly is not exactly known as a champion of tolerance and sensitivity, particularly where matters of gender and sexuality are concerned.

So earlier this month when Kelly's 14-year-old daughter Jaya began self-identifying as a boy named Jay, no one was surprised when Kelly declined to comment on the matter publicly.

Unfortunately, Kelly ended his silence on his son's transitioning earlier today during an interview with a Chicago radio station.

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Asked about the report of "[his] daughter becoming [his] son," Kelly responded in a matter that implies not only that Jay's transition is the stuff of unconfirmed rumors, but also that it's something he's deeply ashamed of:

"You don't really wanna open it up by saying that my daughter is becoming my son," Kelly answered derisively. "Don't even give the blogs that kind of credit. You know what I'm saying? Real talk."

Kelly suggests that his son's sexuality has been falsely reported by gossip blogs, when in actuality Jay came out himself via his Ask.fm account. 

The R&B singer followed that comment about with a bizarre non-sequitir, stating:

"You save money so your kids can go to college - no matter what they are or who they are. They're your kids, you gotta support them."

What do you expect from a guy who once compared Chris Brown to Martin Luther King?

Kelly is on fire lately in terms of involving himself in scandals. He stars in the Lady Gaga "Do What U Want Video" that was buried and described by a critic as "an ad for rape."

For many, Kelly will always be best known for beating statutory rape charges in a case that remains controversial six years later.


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