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Dascha Polanco is one of the many stars of Orange is the New Black who look very different in real life, a fact she proved again while talking with reporters at a recent GLAAD event.

Naturally, most of the questions fired at Dascha had to do with what’s in store for the second season of OITNB. 

Dascha Polanco Talks Orange is the New Black Season 2

As expected, she remained tight-lipped and pretended to whisper important plot details into a journalist’s ear.

She did divulge (possibly jokingly) one tidbit about season 2 which may seem a bit surprising given that the show takes place almost entirely behind prison walls.

"Lots of sex," Dascha whispers coyly at one point. Generally, prisons rank up there with funeral homes as one of the least sexy places on earth, but the first season already showed us that sometimes love can bloom in the cafeteria line.


After just a few months on the inside Piper Chapman caught the eye of at least two of her fellow inmates and last we saw her, she had all but abandoned her engagement to Jason Biggs in favor of reuniting with ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon).

Not surprisingly, things didn’t work out with Piper’s first admirer, the tellingly named Crazy Eyes.

Orange is the New Black has already been renewed for a third season so we’re guessing things won’t stay hunky-dory for Piper and Alex and there will be plenty of drama ahead for these caged lovebirds.

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