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A 61-year-old Minnesota man is accused of pulling a gun on a neighbor who was teaching his seven-year-old daughter how to ride a bike … seriously.

Gary Drake faces alleged second-degree assault and terroristic threat charges after he pointed a shotgun at his neighbor and threatened to kill him.

The charges against Drake indicate that when observing the bike-riding lesson being administered, he began vocally critiquing the father’s tactics.

Man Pulls Gun on Bike-Riding Neighbor, Daughter

The father said, “I’ve got it.” That’s when Drake allegedly said, “If you don’t like my advice, get off my street.” The dad told Drake he "doesn’t own the street."

Drake appeared to get angrier and went inside his home, according to reports, but he wasn’t anywhere near done with this bike-riding nuisance.

Reads the insane criminal complaint:

"As the father and daughter were making their way away from Drake’s house, he came back outside with a shotgun and threatened to kill the father."

"Drake’s wife came outside, pulled the gun away and physically dragged Drake inside. Drake went outside again and told the father he was going to kill him."


When officers came and arrested Drake, he said, “Maybe next time I should have shot him.” He also said he had been drinking all day, but that didn’t influence him.

Drake’s wife, for her part, told police he pointed a gun at the man and she tried to stop him. She gave up Drake’s shotgun to police, voluntarily.

The father is still shaken by the encounter. Neighbors were surprised that Drake, a well-known neighbor, had threatened someone with a gun, FOX 9 reports.

No word on what he specifically wanted the daughter to do differently regarding her bike, or whether she and the dad have adopted any of the pointers.