Lindsay Lohan Rocks See-Through Skirt, Grabs Crotch In Classy Public Appearance

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The best news for America since VE Day was the recent announcement that Lindsay Lohan wants to move to London (the Brits call it VD Day). 

Sadly, paparazzi are now a global phenomenon, so we're still forced to see Lindsay at her cracked-out finest on an almost daily basis.

Proving once again that you can take the girl out of Hollywood but you can't take the cocaine out of the girl, here's Lindsay publicly pleasuring herself and giving new meaning to "red carpet" during a fashion show over the weekend:

Reports from London have indicated that Lohan is "struggling to stay sober." Well, judging from these photos, the struggle is over and drugs have declared a decisive victory.

No word on why Lindsay thought she could get away with groping herself like a bored right fielder while wearing a see-through skirt, but we're guessing she long ago killed off the part of her brain that controls logic.

In any event, this wasn't a case of one unfortunately timed photo. No, Lindsay's hand is "down there" in pretty much every photo from that night.

It almost seems like she wore that jacket draped over her shoulders Don Corleone-style just so that she'd have her hands free to diddle herself all night. 

Believe it or not, other recent photos of Lindsay show her looking even less sane and sober than she does in the gallery above:


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