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Frances Cobain wants Lana Del Rey to shut up, but the “Shades of Cool” singer apparently has no plans to stop making bizarre comments about the first family of grunge.

Last week, Lana wished she was dead so that she could be more like her idol Kurt Cobain.Today, she stated that she not only draws inspiration from Kurt’s troubled widow Courtney Love, she also counts the former Hole singer among her closest friends.

“Courtney Love’s a big inspiration,” said Lana in a recent interview. “I like her. I talk to her a lot…I just went to her show when she was playing in London.

Well, if Lana is trying to make nice with Frances, buddying up with her estranged mom is probably the wrong way to go about it.


So what draws Lana to Courtney? “I like people who are similar to her. Joni Mitchell types or Stevie Nicks, who are both strong female characters.”

No word on how Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks feel about being compared to Courtney freakin’ Love, but we’re guessing Lana just earned herself two new enemies.

Frances Cobain has been distancing herself from her trainwreck mother for years, and Courtney’s own father believes Love is responsible for Kurt Cobain’s death, so we think it’s safe to say that Lana has strange/awful taste in friends and idols.