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Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson’s son was killed in 2013, allegedly by Joseph Robert Patterson – a boyfriend of the boy’s mother.

Astonishingly, Patterson was freed on $750,000 bond while he awaited trial. That waiting period came to an end today, as Patterson was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the child’s mother.

Patterson had been under strict instructions not to contact Peterson or any family members of his son, Tyrese.

Robby Anderson Mugshot

Patterson was apprehended in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Tuesday morning and is now being held without bail.

There is still no trial date set for Patterson’s murder trial.


Early reports in October of 2013 indicated that Peterson’s 2-year-old son was in critical condition after being severely beaten. Patterson was arrested shortly thereafter.

Tragically, Peterson met his son for the first time in the hospital, just days before the boy passed away. The paternity of Tyrese has since been a matter of dispute, as a man named Bobby Ruffin claims to be the child’s biological father.

There is no word on yet on when Patterson will be tried for this latest charge.

Peterson has yet to comment on the situation.