Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Hands on the Wood Chipper with Mountain Man!

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On last night's Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 3, fan favorite Mountain Man made an appearance, while Jep's daughter Lily has her first boyfriend.

Mountain Man, Willie and Korie's slow-talking, jack-of-all-trades neighbor, is doing a "hands-on" event for the radio show that Willie and Si went on.

To play: Everyone keeps a hand on an object and the last person standing wins it. Willie spends $1,000 to "help the community." MM buys a wood chipper.

Si decides he's going to compete, as does Willie, and despite what you think you might know of Si if you watch Duck Dynasty online, he can hold it.

If he needs to. Even whilst consuming about a gallon of tea.

Meanwhile, Jep's girl is growing up and despite his reservations, dad tags along on a mini-golf date with the awkward elementary school couple.

John Daniel (J.D.) even brings flowers. Pretty cute stuff.

He's also a hunter, which further wins over Jep, and speaking of winning, Willie ... gets tricked by Jase into letting go of the wood chipper. Si FTW?!

Some quotes from Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 3:

  • "That's a versatile machine. Can use it as a paper shredder, meat grinder, blower, can opener, garbage disposal, juicer. You can turn it into a torture chamber. And guess what, I'm in the market for all those things." - Silas Robertson on the wood chipper¬†¬†
  • "I've been known to play the diarrhea card more than a few times." - Willie, followed by "you pee every 12 minutes, Jack."
  • "I can see through those glasses and that Justin Bieber haircut, bud. Keep your grubby, cootie-mitts off my daughter." - Jep to J.D.
  • "He's holding it in, and he's holding on." - Mountain Man
  • "Oh no! We have a developing situation!" - Jase

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