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Gavyn Edlinger, the manager at Family Dollar in Saginaw, Mich., has been fired from his job after confronting some apparent shoplifters last week.

Confronting doesn’t do it justice really. He unloaded on them in an EPIC tirade, and even sprayed one of the girls with Febreze they allegedly stole.

All while being recorded in a parking lot no less. Take a look:

Family Dollar Manager GOES OFF on Shoplifters

Well, that escalated quickly. Especially on YouTube.

Absolutely berating the women (one of whom was pregnant), Gavin said he would "whoop yo’ ass" and that he is "not the motherf–kin’ one" to eff with.

Girrrrl … don’t even. Don’t EVEN.


Gavyn tells TMZ he was fired after the altercation, no thanks to the fact that the video went viral … and the fact that there was at least one kid in the car watching.

He expressed regret for the "unfortunate" scene.

Edlinger says he tried to have the video taken down, but its owner refused, at which point he decided to own it and call the mom of one of the girls to apologize.

Wonder how that call went.