19 Disney Stars Gone Wild: When Good Kids Go Bad!!!

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Some Disney stars grow up in the spotlight from a very young age, yet manage to escape the teenybopper machine unscathed.

Others? Well, they turn out to be Miley Cyrus.

They start out so innocent, but soon enough, they're shaking their nearly naked vaginas for crowds and flashing nipples on Instagram.

Basically, it's like girls gone wild on Spring Break.

Except there is no "break." It's 24/7/365. Then again, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens did star in a film called Spring Breakers...

Anyway, what we're talking about here is what happens when those sweet, fresh-faced good Disney kids go very, very bad you guys.

They shave their heads, go to rehab, get arrested for drugs and DUI, and basically look absolutely nothing at all like they used to.

Seriously. We're talking nothing. At. All. 

Those cleaned up kids they portrayed on TV and in movies? Long gone. What's left are jaded, battered, weather-beaten shells of themselves.

Okay. Maybe that's a bit of a stretch.

Still, when you're talking about people walking around in public wearing paper bags over their faces, you get where we're coming from.

Right? Right. Just a sad reality.

So take a look, and try not to recoil in abject terror, at 19 of your favorite Disney stars gone wild (wilder, and wildest) in the gallery below:

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