Woman Twerks, Knocks Over Toddler

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Consider yourselves warned, woman around the world:

Twerking can be a dangerous activity. Especially when there are toddlers in the vicinity.

The following video features Summer Knowlden, a mother who explains that she decided to enter an “online dance off” and “wanted to practice a little” before posting a clip on the Internet.

Which would have been perfectly fine and understandable... if Summer's daughter wasn't waddling around nearby. You can foresee what is about to happen, right?

Fortunately, Summer assures viewers that the child "didn't even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All is well."

We don't think this was a Jimmy Kimmel prank, unlike that epic Twerking fail from last fall.

Because not even Kimmel would possibly harm a child in the name of humor. We doubt it at least.

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