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Tori Spelling may have faked Dean McDermott’s affair for the sake of the couple’s reality show, and now it seems that the couple’s other major problems may be made-up as well.

That’s Tori and her children piling into a limo over the weekend and the photos have led many to cast doubts on the couple’s claims that they’re so broke, Dean can’t even get a vasectomy.

Tori and Dean have already been accused of fabricating (or at least exaggerating) their marital woes and her health problems in order to stir up drama and score bigger ratings for True Tori.

Some have even suggested that Dean’s mistress Emily Goodhand isn’t even real.

Compared to allegations of inventing a Canadian homewrecker, charges that Tori and Dean are pretending to have financial issues seem pretty tame by comparison. 

There’s no hard evidence that Spelling and McDermott are actually doing quite well for themselves despite their claims to the contrary.

There is, however, plenty of reason to speculate that the couple is far from struggling.

First, there are the photos above. We don’t know where Tori was headed with the kids, but a chauffeured limo isn’t generally the preferred mode of transportation for families that are having trouble putting food on the table. 

Next, there’s the fact that they’re both reality show stars! 

Sure, True Tori’s ratings have declined consistently since the series debut, but we’re guessing (and hoping, for their sake) that Tori and Dean each received seven-figure pay checks to share their problems with the world…even if those problems are completely made up.