The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Everybody Hates Kenya Moore

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta concluded its epic reunion Sunday, and not one moment too soon. Three installments seemed like overkill, even for this show.

With Porsha Williams having already beaten her down, Kenya Moore was left to spar (verbally) with NeNe Leakes in what felt like an hour-long argument.

They argued over Marlo, the sometimes-recurring star who NeNe allegedly called and said that if she filmed with Kenya, she wouldn't film with her. Ooooh.

Kenya, of course, tried to make this a gigantic issue, not unlike her behavior at NeNe's "benefit," to which she reportedly didn't even give any money.

NeNe challenges Kenya to pick a charity of her choice and for both to write $20,000 checks on the spot. Kenya, clearly uncomfortable, plays along.

NeNe calls her Miss Funk Box, which may be even better than the "Slut From the '90s" diss before The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion fight.

Leakes also mixed it up with Kandi Burruss, whose Mama Joyce is untouchable in her mind, even if Leakes merely points out stuff she actually did.

Later on, everyone gangs up on NeNe for her comment about being at a "higher level" than the rest of the girls, despite their own impressive resumes.

On a happier note (sort of), Cynthia she is able to service Peter more frequently these days, and Phaedra admits that she and Apollo are in counseling.

When Apollo Nida joins the ladies on the couch, he feels the need to inform Kenya Moore that "I built you!" Dude may also be going to jail sometime.

On the subject of things Kenya said on Bethenny Frankel's talk show, Phaedra RUINS Moore for "paddling in sperm banks" in the best line of the night.

Phaedra says she won't know if the father is a "child molester or a serial killer, because all you know is that he ejaculated into a cup for $10 to buy a medium-sized pizza."

Kenya says Phaedra hasn't won any court cases lately. Ooooh.

As for the guys, Gregg tries to play down the beef between Cynthia and NeNe, but Peter has no problem with it. The guys, as always, are less dramatic.

In the end, Cynthia Bailey doesn't think people watch the long-running reality show for fighting, which means she's either an idiot or a very convincing liar.

Kenya believes what's great about the show is that it's about women trying to get ahead in life, which is likewise hilarious if she's being at all serious.

Since it's Kenya, we're not sure if she grasps sarcasm or irony.

When asked if she will continue to do the show, NeNe Leakes is uncertain. Clearly she has one foot out the door, but is hedging her bets like a true businesswoman.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Quotes

[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

Apollo Nida

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks