Scout Willis Defends Topless Instagram Protest: I Love My Breasts!

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Earlier this week, Scout Willis protested Instagram's no-nudity policy in the most awesome fashion imaginable.

The daughter of Bruce and Demi took a topless stroll through NYC and posted photos of her boob-tastic adventures on Twitter.

Scout Willis Nude
Scout Willis Naked

We're not sure how Scout's actions were supposed to force Instagram's hand, and Scout probably couldn't tell you either, but as believers in the power of online nudity, we proudly support Scout's efforts and we're happy to hear she doesn't regret one nipply moment of her protest.

"It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had," says Scout in an interview with The Voice. "It completely changed my relationship with my body."

"I love my breasts so much," she added. "I don't feel like wearing a bra."

Toplessness has been legal in New York City for over 20 years and Scout says the point of her semi-nude jaunt was to highlight the ridiculousness of the fact that exposed breasts are legal in one of the world's largest cities, but not on Instagram.

So how did New Yorkers react to the sight of John McClane's daughter strutting around Manhattan with her twins on display?

"People were really blase about it," says Scout.  

So apparently the goal is to get Instagram to be as apathetic about Scout's boobs as the average New Yorker. 

Only time will tell if she can achieve her goal, but while you wait for this compelling drama to play out, have a look at the Rihanna topless photos that helped alert Scout to this pressing cause:

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