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Rachel Roy is apparently still stirring the pot when it comes to Solange Knowles, Tweeting a subtle, yet not-so-subtle shot at Jay-Z’s purse attacker yesterday.

Rachel Roy Fight to Blame for Solange Knowles assault?

Is the New York City fashion designer, whose relationship with the rapper may have contributed to Solange attacking Jay Z on May 5, throwing this in her face?

Rachel Roy Tweeted, with a link to her summer swimwear line: "The beach is better! Escape with RRR’s Summer ’14 video"

See what she did there? "Beach Is Better" is a Jay Z song which appeared on his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Nicely played, R-squared!

With Rachel reportedly embroiled in Solange and Jay Z’s family feud, publicly referencing Jay in any way comes across like a definite dig at Solange.

Especially if you believe reports that Solange was sticking up for Beyonce because she feels that Jay and Rachel’s relationship is too close for comfort.

Solange Knowles-Jay Z Fight: Full Video

We may never know the true reason behind the infamous elevator attack, but there’s no escaping that Rachel is tight with Jay, and not shy about it.

“Rachel Roy came up to Solange in a confrontational way earlier in the night,” a source says of the infamous beef. “They’ve had a long-standing feud.”

“Beyonce also confronted her and said, ‘Don’t talk to my sister like that,’ after Rachel confronted Solange,” the source says, and things escalated.

Now almost two weeks after the incident, Rachel has yet to address the specifics, but seems more willing to meddle ever-so-slightly, knowing we’ll notice.

Other theories on the fight captured in the surveillance video seen ’round the world – and got the leaker fired from the Standard Hotel as a result – include: