Paris Gray Yearbook Quote Nearly Costs Witty Senior Graduation, Commencement Address

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Now this is taking the senior prank to a whole 'nother level.

A more intelligent, creative, and thoughtful level, that is.

Paris Gray - a senior at Mundy's Mill High School in Georgia - posted a yearbook quote this month that might cost her the chance to graduate with her class.

Officials aren't pleased with her knowledge of the periodic table of the elements because she used it for something beyond passing high school chemistry.

Like spelling out an awesomely cryptic message in her high school yearbook. Herewith, we present the quote and its witty translation:

Yearbook quote
Periodic table pic

Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfur Uranium Phosphorus translates to "Back That Ass Up." And that list of elements is what Paris Gray submitted as her senior yearbook quote.

Somebody should give this girl extra credit points, right?

Or wrong, according to some in charge.

High school administrators initially refused to allow Gray to walk with her classmates at graduation, denying the honor student the opportunity to give an inspirational speech at next week's commencement as well.

"I didn't mean any harm or to offend anyone by what I said, I was simply trying to be clever," Gray told Business Insider.

Fortunately, in light of the Internet cheering for this teen and the hashtag "#LetParisWalk" starting to trend on Twitter, the superintendent has reportedly relented and Gray will be donning a cap and gown on May 28.

We can't wait to see her back a certain body part up on stage.

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