Michael Jace Murder Arrest: Money Problems to Blame?

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In a stunning development, Michael Jace was arrested early this morning for allegedly killing his wife April.

The actor, best known for his long-running role on FX's The Shield, called 911 around 8:30 p.m. on Monday and then waited on the line until LAPD officers arrived.

They immediately found April's body at the scene, took Jace in for questioning and charged him today with homicide.

Details are still coming in regarding the tragedy, but TMZ says the fatal incident actually took place in front of the couple's two young kids.

As for what might drive Michael Jace to such an extreme, insiders also tell TMZ that the actor and his wife were engaged in an argument over money not long before this alleged incident.

Financial concerns were a source of prolonged tension between the pair, reportedly, as Jace filed for bankruptcy in March 2011. 

According to legal documents, Jace owed over $400,000 on his Los Angeles home when he supposedly killed his wife.

The 2011 bankruptcy settlement permitted Jace to lower his monthly mortgage payments, but he went delinquent again in late 2013.

Expect many more details surrounding this shocking turn of events to be revealed over the coming days.

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