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We’re mere hours away from the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding.

And while a number of celebrities are not invited to this monumental event, the bride-to-be celebrated with the special ones that did earn an invite today… bachelorette party style!

“I’m so lucky! I have the best friends in the whole wide world! #ParisNights #LastSupper,” Kim wrote as a caption to the following Instagram image.

It includes, among her sisters and others, LaLa Anthony, Joyce Bonelli, Monica Rose and Brittny Gastineau.

According to Us Weekly sources, Kardashian began her evening by receiving 15 bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne in her room at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

She and friends then headed to Hotel Costes for dinner.


The gal pals dined on “light dishes” at the restaurant while sipping “mineral water and a bit of wine to drink,” a member of the staff tells the tabloid, adding: “They clearly all had a lot to talk about – all were in a very good mood.”

Kim and her guests reportedly ended their fun night by enjoying a private party inside The Eiffel Tower. Because of course they did.

On Friday, of course, the major rehearsal dinner will take place, with a new report alleging guests are being asked to dress like French royalty.

It is believed everyone will subsequently be flown to Florence for a Saturday ceremony and reception, although Kardashian fears it may rain and ruin everything.

Except the millions and millions she and Kanye will bank from sponsorship and photo deals. That won’t ne affected by weather, have no worries.

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