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Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from Courtland Rogers back on May 2, but will their split be official by the time she gives birth to her child by Nathan Griffith?

The pregnant Teen Mom star hopes that with the end of their marriage finally approaching – she was forced to wait a year to file by state law – it will be.

“Courtland was served with the paperwork,” a source confirmed. “Jenelle doesn’t want to be married to Courtland, she wants nothing to do with him.”

“A court date set for June 2 will determine when a hearing can be held and then hopefully Jenelle can be divorced from Courtland before her baby is born.”

But, for a host of reasons and possible delays, “she may not be, but Jenelle wants to be free and not married to Courtland so she can marry Nathan.”

The North Carolina couple was arrested in April 2013 for possession of heroin after calling police following an argument, and separated after that incident.

Expecting a child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith in late June, Evans is ready to pop and likely around eight months pregnant as she deals with this drama.

By her standards, Jenelle Evans has really turned a corner lately. Here’s hoping this doesn’t serve as a major roadblock to her ongoing life turnaround.