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Kendall Jenner inked a deal with Topshop recently, which means she’s already experiencing more success as a model than any of her mega-famous half-sisters (we don’t count homemade sex tapes as modeling jobs).

So it’s a bit baffling that Kendall seems intent on slowly morphing into a spitting-image of her newly married big sis, Kim.

Granted, Kim is currently far more famous than any of her siblings, but look at the price she had to pay!

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Kendall is taking a far more respectable path to stardom and at 18, Kendall has already purchased a $1.4 million home in LA’s Westwood neighborhood with her own money

So it’s safe to say Kendall’s killin’ it in her own right…so why is she taking all her hair, makeup and tanning cues from Kim?


Yes, Kim just married a dude who’s richer and arguably more famous than her, which seems to be the goal of all Kardashian-Jenner offspring. 

So maybe after the wedding, Kris Jenner sent out a memo to all her daughters that read simply, “BE MORE LIKE KIM!!!”

Whatever the case, Kendall has the chance to branch out from the rest of her family and start a respectable career that’s not completely reliant on her sisters’ fame.

We hope she seizes the opportunity and doesn’t just transform into Lil Kim.