Kaley Cuoco Takes Selfie During Medical Procedure, Still Looks Good

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Kaley Cuoco is something of an Instagram fiend and clearly enjoys documenting every moment of her life for her fans...even the occasions that should definitely be kept private.

Kaley Cuoco Varicose Vein Selfie

Kaley posted the above selfie along with the caption "It's not all glitz and glamour people!!!! I'm soooo vein..." leading many to the assumption that she's being treated for varicose veins which probably meant a series of shots in her leg, hence the less than comfortable expression on her face.

That look is probably why most people don't snap selfies during medical procedures, but boundaries have never been Kaley's strong suit.

Remember that time Kaley was topless on Instagram? How about when she pretended to get a haircut as some sort of super-lame prank on her fans?

We could do a whole 80s-sitcom-style clip show just reminiscing on Kaley's weirdest Instagram moments.

So what's the deal with that? Is she not getting enough attention from her new husband?

Photos from Memorial Day weekend show Kaley and Ryan Sweeting all over each other at a beach party.

They seem to be happy, but maybe she's just sort of person who can never get enough attention...we're guessing a lot actors have that problem.

We're not concerned or complaining, just wondering why a newly married young woman with a fulfilling career would spend so much time uploading photos of herself ... and why she would pick "Norman Cook" as her Instagram handle.

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