Harry Styles BLASTS Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson; One Direction Breakup in the Works?

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The footage of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking pot has reportedly angered fellow One Direction singer Harry Styles to the point that many are now questioning the band's future.

London tabloid The Daily Mail reports that Styles is so upset with his bandmates that he commissioned a separate private jet for a recent tour date so that he wouldn't have to travel with Malik and Tomlinson.

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"Harry is annoyed about the whole debacle," says a source close to the band, adding that Styles described Louis and Zayn's behavior as "stupid" and "reckless."

As arguably One Direction's most popular member, Harry has long been the subject of rumors that he'd like to break out from the band and launch a solo career.

Fans are concerned that the recent controversy may be all the motivation Styles needs to break up the mega-popular pop group.

Despite his reputation as a prankster, the source adds, Harry is "professional and mature" and feels that Malik and Tomlinson's indiscretion could not have come at a worse time.

"This should be one of the biggest weeks of the band's career with the the launch of their UK stadium tour," says the insider. "Instead it has been taken over by this controversy."

In addition to the drug use caught on camera, many fans have expressed distaste over Tomlinson's use of the N-word in the controversial clip. 

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