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The first Sin City film gave us Jessica Alba as the world’s first stripper to wear pants on stage.

But while Alba only takes it off for Entertainment Weekly, Eva Green, her co-star in the Sin City sequel is already being told by the MPAA to put some darn clothes on and the movie hasn’t even been released yet!

The MPAA is reportedly preventing Dimension Films from shipping the above poster of Green to movie theaters for display in their lobbies.

The reason? Well, in a word, boobs. In many words: “Nudity – curve of under breast, and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

Yes, that’s the MPAA’s official explanation. They’re the ones holding meetings about dark nipple circles and we’re made to seem like pervs for wanting to see that poster in theaters?! What a world!

Neither Green nor the film’s director Robert Rodriguez have spoken publicly about the controversy, but Page Six quotes an anonymous expert who says this sort of situation is not uncommon and the studio is simply being asked to “tweak” the poster – an unfortunate choice of words given the nature of this nipple-based controversy.

Many have pointed out the irony of the fact that the MPAA has no problem with the gun in Green’s hand, but we won’t go into that here…