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Courtney Stodden’s increasingly desperate bid to remain relevant continued this week as the singer/model/egomaniac launched a bizarre web series entitled "Courtney Naturally," and naturally, it’s ridiculous.

Courtney Stodden Web Series

Of course, Courtney’s bigger-than-ever breast implants are the real stars of the show, but she does her best to entertain with more than her cartoonishly large boobs.

Surrounded by an array of giant, colorful balloons (of course) Courtney sucks helium, before improvising a theme song for her series.

If that’s somehow not annoying enough for you check out episode two:


In this stirring installment, Courtney shares her tips for taking a "sexy Stodden selfie."

To her credit, at least she’s sticking to a topic she knows something about. This girl’s gonna get carpal tunnel from the amount of photos she posts. 

Of course, the Courtney Stodden naked selfies are the ones that really caught fire online, but sadly Court keeps her clothes on in this how-to.

And hey, while these may be the most mind-numbing online videos since your Aunt Ida’s montage of cat bloopers, at least Courtney’s sticking to her strengths: each episode kicks off with a close-up of her surgically-enhanced cleavage. 

Check out the gallery below to experience Courtney’s selfie expertise for yourself. This girl gives new meaning to self-love.