Cinco de Mayo: 13 Stars With Mexican Roots

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Cinco de Mayo may be a more popular holiday stateside that it is in Mexico, but even so, we figured we'd take this opportunity to highlight some of the achievements of Mexican-American stars who have broken through in Hollywood.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Salma Hayek have paved the way for future entertainers of Mexican descent and the list of stars from south of the border who have achieved global success is growing every day.

Mexican-American director Robert Rodriguez recently launched El Rey, an English language television network targeted at Latino audiences and highlighting the achievements of Mexican-Americans in the media.

El Rey is just the latest in a long line of cultural coups that reflect the changing face of the American population as well as the essential on-going contributions made by actors, writers, directors and singers of Mexican heritage.

Check out the gallery above for a list of some of the biggest Mexican-American stars in show business today.

Some were born in Mexico, some in the US, but all are appreciated in both nations for their unique talents.

Selena Gomez' new album is expected to enjoy blockbuster sales while George Lopez continues to enjoy global popularity. Both serve to remind us of the wide array of incredible skills Mexican-Americans have brought to the world of entertainment.

Asked once about her cultural heritage, Salma Hayek replied, "I have tried my whole life to represent my Mexican roots with honor and pride." Despite their varied backgrounds and strengths, that's a task all of the entertainers on our list have accomplished admirably. 

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