Boyfriend Proposes Via 26-Country, 4-Year Odyssey: Watch the Romantic Video!

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Sorry, fiances and husbands around the world. Your proposal totally sucks when compared to that of Jack Hyer.

Yes, even yours, Kanye West.

In the following video, Hyer says he knew he would marry Becca Strellnauer after the couple’s first date in 2010.

So Hyer started to put together a proposal immediately, filming himself lip-syncing to The Proclaimer's "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" everywhere he traveled - and he traveled A LOT.

From Tanzania to Jerusalem to Thailand to Turkey, Hyer made his feelings known.

On the night of the couple's graduation from the University of Montana, Jack told Becca he was going to show her a graduation slideshow... but cued this up instead. Watch the footage and then watch her reaction at the end now:

Your move, future fiances.

Can you top this and/or any of the following viral proposals?