American Idol Finalists Slam Elimination Night Twist

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That didn't exactly work out as planned, did it?

Producers tried something different on the American Idol results show last night, mixing up the usual format and actually giving the remaining five finalists a choice:

They could delay the elimination until next Thursday and send two singers packing at that time... or they could go about business as usual and say farewell to one crooner at the end of the episode.

To delay the vote reveal, however, all five contestants had to agree.

They did not, Sam Woolf was given the boot and the Internet exploded in outrage.

First, fans of Woolf's lashed out at Alex Preston and Jena Irene, as if either knew who was going home.

Moreover, if they believed themselves to be safe, wouldn't it have been sound strategy to get rid of another singer as soon as possible?

"Stop hating on Alex and Jena. No one knew what the results were before the decisions were made. Anybody could of went home," Woolf Tweeted in defense of his fellow finalists.

As for the reaction of other Idols...

PRESTON: That twist was not cool. Didn't make sense at all. Should have just kept it the same. Whatever. Sam HAS a career, he's about to explode.

IRENE: So unnecessary and stupid.

JESSICA MEUSE: So was that twist reminiscent of the @TheHungerGames or what? #ew #hateit #mean.

What did you think of the twist? Did Sam Woolf deserve to be voted out?

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