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What is it about some celebrities that draws us to them like magnets? It’s their eyes. 

From baby blue to big and brown, we just can’t help but stare at their peepers, mesmerized by what we find therein. Which in the case of these 19 celebrities with amazing eyes is beauty.

Beauty IS, after all, in the EYE of the beholder … right?

(Hey, we know the analogy is broken. Just go with it.)

In the range of captivating stares, blue eyes are the most striking, but don’t count brown-eyed girls and boys out! There are some gems hidden within. 

Andi Dorman, The Bachelorette, is among those with dark eyes that draw men in. 25 of them DID just go to Los Angeles to win her heart. (Check out The Bachelorette spoilers to see which man she’ll choose.)

Daniel Gillies represents the dark-eyed category for the men. Rachel Leigh Cook is one lucky woman to get to stare into those every day. He can compel us any time he wants.

So can Ian Somerhalder

What do you think? Who has the most amazing eyes in Hollywood?