Wen Zhang: Chinese Star Breaks Social Media Records With Affair Apology

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Wen Zhang is like the Chinese Robert Pattinson - as adored in his homeland for his talent and looks as for his down-to-earth charm. So when he admitted to cheating on his wife of six years in a recent web post, Chinese social media users went crazy...like really crazy!

Wen Zhang, Ma Yili Photo

Weibo - the Chinese equivalent of Twitter - reported that Zhang's apology received over 2.5 million comments and 1 million re-tweets in just 10 hours yesterday, making it the most popular post in the site's history.

"I have brought this upon myself," Zhang Tweeted. "A mistake is a mistake. This has nothing to do with anyone else."

Fan responses ranged from sympathy to the kind of seething rage we've all grown to expect from Internet users.

Zhang's wife replied simply, "Being in love is easy, being married is not." The couple is expected to stay together.

While Zhang may now hold the title of China's most popular tweeter, he still falls short of the worldwide crown. That belongs to Ellen DeGeneres, whose now-famous Oscar selfie was re-tweeted nearly 2 million times in its first hour alone and crashed Twitter on the night of the awards show.

You're gonna have to do a lot of cheating to beat that, Zhang.