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When Miley Cyrus isn’t busy smoking weed with Wiz Khalifa, she occasionally gets down to writing and recording music. And some of it is pretty good.

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Take Miley’s hit "Wrecking Ball," for example. The singer’s breakup ballad tore up the charts when it was released in August and now a country-fied cover version by the Dixie Chicks is going viral and wowing YouTubers. 

You may remember the Dixie Chicks, George W. Bush controversy from several years back, and while the band has been flying low on most folks’ radar since then, it seems they’re still drawing crowds and taking country music to interesting new places.


Miley may be closer to the hip-hop world these days, but as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, she’s no stranger to country. Maybe she’ll join the Chicks on stage at some and help them re-imagine "We Can’t Stop" or "Party In the USA."

Okay, probably not, but at least she know she’s got some fans amongst older musicians.

Just a few months ago, Miley was best known for dropping jaws during the VMAs. Now, against all odds, she’s actually beginning to gain as much attention for her work as for tongue-wagging antics.