Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne to Guest Star on Girls!

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We didn't think it was possible, but Girls is about to get even girlier. 

Turns out, Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham are longtime friends (of course) and after years of persuading, Taylor has finally agreed to do a cameo on Dunham's hit HBO series. 

And it looks like Taylor won't be taking her trip to Williamsburg alone.

Model and Michelle Rodriguez make-out partner Cara Delevigne will also be appearing in the show's fourth season which is already filming in Brooklyn.

In the past Girls has featured cameos from the likes of Richard E. Grant, Louise Lasser, and Patti LuPone.

It seems this season, however, Dunham and the producers have decided to pursue guest stars their audience has actually heard of. 

So why the sudden shift from aging Z-listers to young, hot celebs? 

Well, for one thing, as a fan of the show, Taylor reportedly came cheap: "Taylor loves the show," says an insider. "Lena would love her to take on a more permanent role and maybe pen some music for the show."

You heard right: Taylor Swift will right music for Girls, because apparently there wasn't already enough estrogen pumping though the veins of that show.

On the plus side, based on Taylor's Instagram bikini selfies, it seems she'll be able to add some much-needed sex appeal to Girls. The series already has plenty of sex, but not much of it is appealing. 

If season four seems too far away, you can watch Girls online at TV Fanatic.

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