Selena Gomez: HEARTBROKEN Over Justin Bieber Commitment Issues, Bailing on Move-In Plan!

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Selena Gomez is reportedly heartbroken over Justin Bieber once again, specifically his lack of commitment and bailing on a promise to move in together.

The on-again, off-again duo seemed very much on again, one might even say more in love than ever during their sexy Coachella date on April 15.

Bieber posting a throwback pic of his longtime lover certainly sent that same signal, but new intel indicates another rough patch for this rocky romance.

Selena is reportedly worried that Justin went to Japan so he could secretly “hook up with other girls" after he renegged on promise to move in with her.

“Justin promised he would move in with her and be her so-called ‘protector,’ but he has bailed on that idea,” a celebrity gossip source says of the star.

"Once again he has broken her heart. It’s the same old thing, he begs for her forgiveness and promises her the sun and the moon, but doesn’t follow through."

Despite history repeating itself, “this came as a complete shock to Selena."

Clearly, there are deeper issues here than just the cohabitation discussion.

“It’s not just about moving in with her. It’s the whole commitment thing. He’s just hot and cold,” the source says. “And she had a disappointing Easter."

How so?

"Justin did not invite her to Japan. He said he wanted alone time with his mom, and Selena takes that as, ‘Justin wants his freedom so he can hook up with girls!’”

(And honor Japanese war criminals on Instagram.)

Even people who love Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together (if such people exist) have to admit this romance may be doing her more harm than good.

A new report in Star claims that Selena’s friends and family think their recent reunion with him is so toxic that they're planning a Justin Bieber intervention.

“Selena is a train wreck,” a friend hers says.

“If she doesn’t get away from Justin for good and get herself in check, then it could be only a matter of time before something tragic happens to her.”

Jelena as a couple: YES or NO?

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