Ronald McDonald Debuts New Look, Takes Over McDonald's Twitter, is Ready For Selfies

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Ronald McDonald has a new look and a new social media presence, taking over the McDonald's Twitter account and debuting a long-awaited makeover.

The fast-food mascot swapped his mustard yellow jumpsuit for a stylish red blazer, updated shirt, ketchup-colored bow tie, slimmer pants and vest.

Check out Ronald McDonald before and after photos below!

Ronald McDonald Old Look
Ronald McDonald New Look

Ronald McDonald (not to be confused with the Ron McDonalds pitching Taco Bell's new breakfast menu) also appears to have tamed his wild red hair.

His oversized shoes have stayed the same, however. Phew.

Ron is getting a new gig as well as a new appearance:

The clown will play an active role on social media and will tweet from the McDonald’s account using the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald, the company said.

Ronald said in a McDonald’s press release Thursday:

“Selfies ... here I come! It's a big world and now, wherever I go and whatever I do ... I'm ready to show how fun can make great things happen."

Ronald was first portrayed by TV weatherman Willard Scott. The character made his debut in 1963, but has faded into the background a bit of late.

The unveiling of Ronald’s McMakeover came the day after McDonald’s reported a 1.7 percent dip in sales at U.S. restaurants during the first quarter.

Time will tell if Ron can help right the fiscal ship.

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