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The impressive run by Malaya Watson came to an end on American Idol last night, as this 16-year old performance was voted out by viewers.

And while Watson clearly would have liked to advance further, she didn’t express any regrets in a talk with reporters backstage after the news was announced.

“Getting to work with so many people was awesome,” Watson said, keeping her life in perspective. “I’m 16! What kid can say ‘I sang in front of Harry Connick, J-Lo and worked with Rickey Minor? Oh, that’s nothing major.’

“It was my first job, what can I say? It was just a big opportunity that not a lot of people can experience, and with me being just a child it’s pretty cool.”


The American Idol experience can take its toll on contestant, but Watson made a good point in her post-elimination interview:

So can high school!

“It’s never easy to wake up at 6 o’clock, go home at 6 o’clock because of band and all that. It’s going to be stressful but at the same time it’s going to be okay,” Watson said.

“I miss everyone back home and I talk to them all the time. While [other contestants] hang out I’m usually the person in my room talking to all my friends on FaceTime.”

Will Watson pursue a career in music? Possibly.

For now, though, her goals aren’t nearly so lofty. She misses playing the tuba in band and she has some serious studying on which to focus.

“I’m kind of happy because I get to finish school. I’m not happy that I have to go back to do the ACTs. I’m relieved that I can take this weight off my shoulders for now because I have so much stuff to focus on when I get back home.”

Do you think viewers made the right call in voting Watson off?