Lady Gaga Without Photoshop: Versace Ads Look Like a Different Person!

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Lady Gaga wants the paparazzi to Photoshop her pics and we're beginning to see why. Images leaked today reveal that the Mother Monster looks decidedly less glam in un-retouched shots. 

The surprising photos come from a shoot Gaga did for a Versace ad campaign and the difference between the 'shopped pics and the originals is like night and day.

Gaga looks good in her natural state, but its hard to believe this stripped-down blonde is the same style goddess we're accustomed to.

Gaga's makeup-free photos that she tweeted recently show the star is able to put aside her diva-like ego and show her flaws to fans, so we're guessing she's okay with the leaked pics, but they certainly change the way we look at the famously image-conscious singer.

More than ever, stars are showing the world what they look like without the benefit of professional makeup and photo editing techniques.

Gaga in particular has been vocal about the need to show female celebs in a natural light to help prevent young girls from pursuing unrealistic body ideals.

Photoshopping is a major part of just about any celebrity-based ad campaign these days, and Gaga's transformation is nothing compared to the way some stars have altered their appearance through editing and air-brushing.

Check out our gallery below to see what can happen when photo retouching gets a little out of hand:

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