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Will Joanna Krupa pull off a Bravo switcheroo and join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, exiting Miami? This rumor has come up more than once.

Asked about the move this week, she said, “If the opportunity came and Miami wasn’t happening, then I definitely wouldn’t say no. I’d think about it and see.”

“I do have some friends from there,” Joanna Krupa added, but qualified it by saying that “It’s not something I was approached or talked to about.”

“[Rumors started] because I have girlfriends there.”

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“The other day I read a rumor that I’m trying to get on Shahs of Sunset! It’s funny. A lot of people have been asking me that, but, no, it’s just a rumor.”

That would definitely make more people watch Shahs of Sunset online, but don’t expect her to make any move anytime soon, her co-star chimed in.

Lea Black added, “Joanna is a team player. If she thought it was best for the franchise, she’d do whatever they asked her to do. But her heart is in Miami.”


TMZ first reported that Joanna wanted out of Miami and into California. Not a surprise, as more people watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But their Bravo source somehow claimed it would never happen, as they’re not into the idea of “switching their Housewives from one show to another.”

Really? They wouldn’t do that if it were organic? It sounds surprising, but the current cast has come under fire for not being authentically friends.

For that reason, Faye Resnick may actually join the cast, while newcomers Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud may get the pink slip from RHOBH.