Horse Yoga is Actually a Thing

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Think these photos of a mother and her daughter doing Yoga are impressive?

Okay, they totally are.

But the following GIF and video of a man in India practicing horse Yoga have gone viral because… it’s a man practicing Yoga with a horse.

Horse Yoga Photo

This type of mediation/exercise has been in existence for about 50 years. It was established in San Luis, Argentina and is a specialty of The Doma India School.

"The method is to tame the horse according to its nature, avoiding cause fear and pain, and by earning their trust and loyalty," reads a statement on the school's website.

It continues:

"This method gives us clear ideas of how to treat the horse, and when and how to teach what we want achieve. The horse learns by persuasion, and knowing its nature, behavior and psychology we can persuade and teach endless exercises that will make that horse a suitable animal to any discipline."

So... Downward Equine, we guess?

Marvel at horse Yoga in action now and chime in: Is this really enjoyable for the animal half of the practice?

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