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Farrah Abraham is pushing this new erotic novel trilogy she had someone ghostwrite for her, and needless to say, she thinks pretty highly of the work.

So much so, she’s already thinking ahead to the future movie adaptation!

That might be a challenge for her, though. If it’s anything like the book, which was hard to write because it turned her on too much, it’ll be hard to focus!

Just how HOT is Celebrity Sex Tape (yes, that’s really the name)?

“This is very hot and heavy. There’s a lot of heavy story work in the writing, but then it’s very hot and sexual when you’re writing it,” Farrah Abraham says.

“In all honesty, it has been very hard to write the sexual scenes because it turns your mind on and it’s very hard to finish. I mean, I don’t want to say too much.”

“It was very important for me to have a very awesome and authentic storyline because that’s me as a writer,” she adds, seemingly without irony.

“But then it’s very important to me as a 22-year-old to be very realistic about sex scenes and the true vulnerability and exploring sexuality.”

“If I’m having all the thoughts and fantasies and also taking true life experiences and I’m twisting that all together, sometimes that turns people on in the writing.”

Not surprisingly, the book is about a girl who becomes an amateur porn star.

Farrah feels her book will be way hotter than Fifty Shades of Grey because “overall my book will have better sex scenes and also a more compelling story.”

When it comes time for the movie version, “I just know I would have Jessica Alba play Fallon Opal. I think she’s very relatable to myself and Fallon Opal.”

“I think she’s had a very good career and I would trust her. Jessica Alba would be Fallon Opal. And I think the other characters would have to go through casting.”

“I think that she just has a lot of characteristics that Fallon Opal [has].”

We’re not sure if that’s a compliment or diss to Jessica Alba, honestly.

In any case, that’s Farrah Abraham for you, people. The word awkward does not do justice to any interview she gives, but hey, at least she’s being “authentic.”

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