Emily Ratajkowski Shoots Down Prom Invite!

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Making a video to ask your favorite celebrity on a date is a practice that caught on after Scarlett Johansson went to the Marine Corps Ball after being invited via YouTube.

After a slew of imitators caused celebs to realize they can't go out with every fan who knows iMovie, the trend thankfully died down. Until now...

Chase Friedman is a rich kid from San Diego who figured he'd try to pressure topless "Blurred Lines" dancer and undisputed Hottest Woman on Earth, Emily Ratajkowski to his senior prom by posting a video in which he walks around his parents' mansion and dunks a basketball on like a six-foot net.

Chase didn't seem to realize that the world feels somewhat differently about wealthy d-bags than they do about the men and women who defend our country so, not surprisingly, Emily did not feel obligated to accept his bizarre invitation.

To her credit, Emily was nice about it and Tweeted, "If his prom wasn't on my birthday, I'd be going" along with a link to Chase's sad, sad video.

Friedman probably considers it something of a moral victory that he was acknowledged by Emily at all, but little does he know this video will follow him for the rest of his life, which will at least give him something to blame for the fact that he can't get laid in college, even though his dad totally bought him a Maserati for graduation.

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