Diane Keaton Plays Beer Pong with Red Wine on The Tonight Show

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Diane Keaton became the latest celebrity to play Beer Pong on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday.

Although, for this acting legend, the host allowed her to play Red Wine Pong.

It’s pretty clear, however, that Keaton didn’t exactly take part in this drinking-based competition in college, as she caught Fallon's initial throw in the air and chugged a red cup, declaring:

"I win! I win the game! I caught it in my hand!"

On a related note, Diane Keaton is now our favorite person alive.

We're actually kidding: based on her Lip-Sync battle with Fallon the night before, Emma Stone is actually our favorite person alive.

Sorry, Diane. You're a close second.

Here's a look at a few other times in recent memory where Jimmy Fallon made us laugh:

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