Demi Lovato Responds to Haters with Love on Twitter, Tells Fans to Rise Above Bullying

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Demi Lovato will not be torn down by her haters. She made this clear as she defiantly advised her Twitter fans to choose kindness over cruelty this week.

This positive message came after she was bullied by an unoriginal, anonymous troll who called the pop star "fatty." Her response? Taking the high road.

Instead of attacking the user who called her "fatty," one of Demi's fans responded with a simple message: "you are beautiful." Lovato gave her a re-tweet.

Demi then added the following words of wisdom:

  • Dear Lovatics, for every hater tweet - don't respond with hate but love and positivity ... Try love instead of combat (lots of heart emoticons)
  • Dear haters, you don't have to like me cause I love you. Everyone's equal, everyone has a soul and everyone deserves to be loved. (more hearts)

She's all about promoting self-worth, isn't she?

The former Disney star, who sought treatment for personal demons in 2010, has overcome a lot of adversity ... most recently the Demi Lovato nude pic leak.

Fortunately, Wilmer Valderrama is there for her in her time of need.

While performing as part of the iHeartRadio Live series in Burbank, Calif., on April 14, the 21-year-old shared a heartfelt message with the crowd:

"No matter what you go through, whether it is a mental illness, being bullied, or cutting, a substance abuse issue, or an eating disorder, don't be afraid to ask for help."

"That's what I did. I want you all to know that you saved your own life, and should be very proud of yourself. You are worthy of life. You have so much ahead of you."

"So just work it out ... this one goes out to all of my warriors."

Amen, sister. Way to rise above the scandals and haters!

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