Clare Crawley to Juan Pablo Galavis: Treat a Woman Like ...

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Clare Crawley, the woman Juan Pablo Galavis dumped in favor of Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor this season, made no secret of how she felt about it.

Especially after he told her he loves f--king her but doesn't really know her, Clare had no qualms about laying into a man she was admittedly crazy about.

He's probably not going to enjoy hearing what advice she has for him now, according to Extra, which asked what she'd say to him if she had the chance:

"Treat a woman how you want someone to treat your daughter."


Not unlike Andi Dorfman after she peaced out of the show, Clare gained a sizable following with the way she handled things after Juan Pablo cut her loose.

She put him in his place and walked off with her head held high.

Clare Crawley clearly meant what she said when she expressed that she would never want her children to have a father who behaves like this guy.

He had sex with her in the ocean, then said he didn't want to set a bad example for her by "taking things too far" with any of the girls on The Bachelor.

Essentially, he got in her pants, blamed her for being too easy, used his kid to weasel his way out of it, then acted like a complete jerk to her later on.

Not the best example to set for Camila right there, JP.

Many would argue that either Andi, The Bachelorette for 2014, or Clare truly won The Bachelor, by virtue of the fact that Juan Pablo picked Nikki Ferrell.

Think Clare and Andi dodged a bullet? Discuss ...

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