Chris Martin Takes Blame For Gwyneth Paltrow Split

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Last week, Chris Martin spoke about his split from Gwyneth Paltrow in a candid interview with the BBC radio.

The full transcript of the interview - released today - reveals a surprising twist to the "conscious uncoupling" saga, as Chris apparently feels his own emotional issues caused his marriage to fail:

"About two years ago I was a mess," Chris says in the interview. "Really because I was unable to enjoy the things we are good at it and I can't enjoy the great things around me because I am burdened by this."

When Chris says "we," it's unclear if he's referring to his bandmates or his wife, but Coldplay hasn't broken up, so we think it's safe to say that "burden" he's talking about is Gwyneth.

Though he seems to accept at least partial blame for the separation, Chris still has yet to address rumors that he cheated with Alexa Chung and that he and Paltrow enjoyed an "open marriage" in which both parties were free to pursue other romantic relationships. 

All of that may come out in divorce court, as the once amicable split between Martin and Paltrow is rumored to be getting messy.

Check out some clues that these two were doomed from the start in the gallery below.

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