Aaron Paul, Kellan Lutz Photobomb Coachella Couple!

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Coachella celebrity sightings are part of the fun of the weekend-long music fest, but its not every day that a pair of celebs get excited to spot a couple civilians.

Yet it seems that's just what happened to a couple of random concertgoers who didn't notice they'd been photobombed by actors Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz until they started posting their pics online.

Aaron Paul, Kellan Lutz Photobomb

At first the unidentified couple only noticed a very enthusiastic Jesse Pinkman in the background of their selfie and they captioned the photo:

"We got photobombed by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad) at Coachella."

Shortly after the pic went online, an observant Redditor pointed out to the couple that Lutz (Emmett Cullen from the Twilight films) is flashing a grin to the right of Paul.

Okay, so its not as cool as catching a hilariously awkward Leonardo DiCaprio dance, but it serves a yet another reminder that you never know who you'll cross paths with at Coachella.

If you weren't able to attend weekend one of the festival, or if you just want to relive the epic celeb-fest, check out our gallery of famous Coachella attendees below. We hear there was even a band or two at this thing!

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