THG on TV: Who's Dead? Who's Naked? Who's Going Home?

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There was a surprise surgery for someone's birthday... a dead supporting character... and some seriously hot sex.

Just an ordinary night of Thursday television this week? Not exactly. We rundown the highlights below and make it easy for readers to watch TV online in order to catch up.


It was Richard Webber's birthday on GREY'S ANATOMY and Bailey gifted him with an unusual surgery. A really, really unusual surgery.

Elsewhere, Jackson and April got an unexpected, unpleasant surprise from the former's mother. Watch Grey's Anatomy online to find out what she wanted:

Staying on ABC, SCANDAL had one question to answer on the appropriately-titled "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

WHO GOT SHOT? The answer was revealed right off the bat, as viewers were also treated to a fun debate on gun rights. Watch Scandal online and prepare to mourn a major player:

On THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Elena suffered hallucinations as a result of her virus, while we learned some shocking information about Liv.

We also met her brother and Caroline agreed to go on a road trip with Enzo. Also: Hot. Delena Sex. Watch The Vampire Diaries online and do not miss the final three minutes:

Finally, another finalist was given the boot on AMERICAN IDOL. Who caused J. Lo to shed many years? Click through this gallery and take note of who is now missing:

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